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Why you should Visit Ooty?

Are you a tourist heading to South India next?

Well, you’ve got the best here. The Nilgiris-The Blue Mountain range is a beauty located at the junction of three South Indian states- Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

When we say Nilgiris, it includes places that are very popularly called “the queen of hills” - Ooty, “mini Switzerland of India” - Kotagiri, Doddabetta, Coonoor, Gudalur and Wellington. Nilgiris has got Biosphere reserves too. Collectively it’s a place of tourism, serenity and peace.

Here are the reasons why you need to visit the blue hills:

1. The Climate, of course, is an escape from the heat waves and owing to global warming, the weather here is very comforting. It is known to be an excellent Honeymoon spot too.

2. It doesn’t compose of a village feel or lifestyle neither is it too developed as in the cities or suburbs. It is a place that is perfectly balanced between both.

3. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway line is a world heritage site. The rail engine still runs on coal. It takes longer by train to reach up the hill than it would by road but trust me the train journey would be healing to your eyes and mind and definitely worth your time.

4. Nilgiris still has the tribes living the way they used to, hundred years ago. The Todas still live in their rainbow shaped huts and worship nature in their authentic ways. You can spot deer and bison while driving to places around Ooty.

5. Tea and Chocolate lovers, you cannot miss this place. The tea that grows here has its own aromatic flavour. The bakeries around here make “Varkeys” that you can have along with your tea and thereby doubling the taste of your tea.

The Chocolates of Ooty are to die for. You won’t get chocolate tasting like this, anywhere else in India.

Now that you’ve got your reasons to visit the Nilgiris, I’ll brief after the lockdown ends you will be on the route to reach Ooty.

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