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The ultimate guide for Bangkok

A South-East Asian holiday will almost always include this popular place –Bangkok. A place that’s easy to reach and is the most fun. The beaches of Bangkok has the potential to make your stress evaporate. The temples and museums work on our minds the way desserts do to our diet - They make you happier no matter how happy you already are with the main course. Need I mention how delicious Thai food is?

Reasons to visit Bangkok:

1. Thai massages!

Who doesn’t love a massage? You cannot miss having a massage here. 2. Party all night!

The nightlife here satisfies the party beast in you. 3. Shop all night

There are night markets there that double your shopping excitement. Price tags won’t be a problem here, and you can Shop at the most affordable prices ever!

4. A treat for your taste buds

Thai food is most delicious, do give Thai desserts a try too. 5. Beaches! Who doesn’t love them?

The beaches fulfil all your vacation desires. They include adventure sports that make beach life more thrilling than just having sunbaths and coconut water. 6. Some tour and knowledge on the south-east Asian culture

The temples have great architecture and historical relevance.

How to get to Bangkok?

By flight, Bangkok has two International airports; one is on the east side- The Suvarnabhumi Airport and the other on the north-Don Mueang airport. It is at Suvarnabhumi airport that most of the international and domestic airlines operate.

What to pack?

1. Clothes: beachwear, comfortable after-beach clothes, Party wear and a few full-length clothes that cover your hands and legs completely-for the temples. 2. Accessories like hats, Sunglasses, umbrella and a reusable water bottle. It is better to carry a reusable bottle than to buy plastic bottles. By doing this, you can contribute a lot in saving the environment. Even a small step can help a lot in preserving the environment. 3. Footwear: Slip-on kinds would be the best choice (Some temples here require you to have footwear that is buckled or have straps at ankle level).

4. Toiletries: All your required toiletries. Be sure to include sunscreen lotion to avoid the beach tan. 5. Essential medications, if you take any. 6. Camera

Transportation facilities available in Bangkok:

1. Metro rails- subway and SkyTrain 2. Taxis 3. buses 4. Tuk-tuk – the auto-rickshaws

Tip: Always bargain price before getting on to a Tuk-tuk to avoid any conflict with the driver later on.

Now let us draw a plan for you to spend your days in Bangkok.


Day 1 & 2: Pattaya You can take a taxi or bus directly at the airport to Pattaya. Pattaya is the most popular place near Bangkok as it is famous for its beach and night clubs. It is about a 3-4 hour away from Bangkok airport.

Beach: Water adventure sports activities like speedboats, jet skis and parasails are hosted on the beach. You could spend the morning at the beach and head to the floating market in Pattaya after that.

Floating market: It is something that is peculiar about Pattaya. You have to move in boats from shop to shop. This market is also famous for the best of Thai food. The authentic Thai dishes and desserts are available here.

The Alcazar show is performed by the transgender (called Ladyboys). Their dance performance is a must-watch.

Mini Siam in Pattaya is a miniature park of all the best monuments and landscapes of the world. It is a nice place to visit for photos and fun with the family.

Day 3 & 4: Bangkok City

I am listing down all the well-known temples and why they are famous. You can choose which interests you the most and visit there.

Note: Short clothes, tank tops, see-through clothes, pyjamas are not permitted in most temples. Do pack some clothes that completely cover your legs and hands when you plan your day for the temple visits.

The Grand Palace: The well-known emerald statue of Buddha is seen here. This statue of Buddha is considered sacred in Thailand. Very close to this Grand Palace is another temple called Wat Pho. It has a statue of “reclining Buddha” covered in gold. The statue is massive and is about 46m long. The famous Thai massage began here. They have a Thai massage school in here. One definitely must get a Thai massage when you visit Bangkok.

Wat Arun is another famous temple in Bangkok mainly known for its central prang which is decorated with colourful porcelain. It is a blend of Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese tradition. It is only about 500 m from Wat Pho.

Wat benchamabophit, also known as Marble temple: Almost all tourists visit this temple. It is considered the masterpiece of Thai architecture.

Wat tarimitr: This temple holds the world’s largest solid gold Buddha statue that weighs almost 5.5 tonnes. The statue stands as tall as 3m in height.

Wat Saket: This temple stands on a man-made hill and is considered a pilgrimage site. It is known for the golden mount. To climb to the top of the temple it takes approximately 300 steps. At the top, there is a wall of bells and a beautiful view of the city.

Note: Thai silk is a well-known fabric too, in case you are interested in clothes of different materials. Bangkok has a lot of night markets & weekend markets. Do make time amidst the tour travel to visit these and buy not just souvenirs, but amazing affordable goods for you and for friends and family.

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