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The Only homestay in Kalap Village

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

You can right away say that a place is less frequently visited by tourists when it does not have many homestays or hotels. Having no place for tourists to stay means you can get the opportunity to experience the raw form of local culture.

In January I went to a secluded village known as Kalap. This village is situated far away in the beautiful mountains of Uttarakhand. An NGO known as Tons Trails invited me to visit this place.

This village has no to very less electricity, no roads, no cellphone tower. Even after so many hardships passionate people of Tons Trails managed to overcome these problems by using modern-day technology and some DIY hacks.

Kalap is a village lying forgotten in time in the upper Garhwal region of the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. Situated at an altitude of 7,800 ft, the village is nestled among virgin pine and deodar forests, and overlooks the gorge cut open by the roaring river Supin. Kalap is home to traditional Garhwali architecture and its surroundings offer stunning natural beauty, including views of the snow-capped Bandarpunch range.

They provide you with all the best possible amenities they can like:

Electricity: They have solar panels there to help you charge essential electronics like camera batteries and your mobile phone.

Wifi: They have a receiver there which can catch 4G signals from a faraway village.

Hot water, modern toilet facilities, home-cooked food and lovely company.

They have customized packages for all kinds of people and their prices keep on changing, so it is better to visit for updated information.

I absolutely loved staying with them. The locals are welcoming and kind. I highly recommend staying with them.

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