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The only guide you will need for Phuket, Thailand

Welcome to Phuket, where you can relive your bachelor life, where there are fantastic beaches to party all the time and where you can shop and eat the best. There are some significant attractions which add to giving you an overwhelming experience at Phuket. Let me list them for you so that you don’t miss out on the best while you’re there.

Why should you visit Phuket?

1. Beaches! Who doesn’t love them?

The white sand beaches fulfil all your vacation desires. 2. Party all night!

The nightlife here satisfies the party beast in you. 3. A treat for your taste buds!

Phuket food is something to die for; It has a unique mixture of Chinese, Thai and Indian flavour.

4. Want to enhance your Knowledge of South-east Asian Culture? The temples of Phuket have great architecture and historical relevance which can enhance your Knowledge on the south-east Asian culture. 5. Do you like shopping? I love to shop and especially when everything is affordable. Phuket is simply amazing because who doesn’t like shopping at the most affordable prices?

How to get to Phuket?

Phuket has its own International airport, and a round trip flight will not burn a hole in your pocket. Taking a flight in Thailand is super easy and budget-friendly. In case you are in Bangkok, you can get to Phuket by road as well. There are no direct trains to Phuket. You will have to take a train to Surat Thani (the train journey would be around 8 hours) and then take a bus to Phuket from there (the bus journey would be 5 hours long). By road, there are a lot of buses, both air-conditioned and regular, to take you to Phuket. It is approximately a 13-hour journey by road.

What to pack?

1. Clothes: beachwear, comfortable after-beach clothes, Party wear and a few full-length clothes that cover your hand and legs completely-for the temples.

2. Accessories- hats, Sunglasses, umbrella, water bottle (it is essential to stay hydrated) I will advise you to carry a reusable water bottle. Contribute a little in saving our environment by saying no to single-use plastic.

3. Footwear: Slip-on kinds would be the best choice.

4. Toiletries: All your required toiletries. Be sure to include a sunscreen lotion.

5. Essential medications, if you take any

6. Camera

Best Time to Visit Phuket

Phuket has a tropical climatic condition almost throughout the year, except for the monsoon season from June to October. So every month is a great month to visit Phuket except June to October if you don’t like rain. Food

Vegetarian food is quite challenging to get in Thailand, especially when you don’t eat eggs.

For vegetarians, Indian restaurants will be their best option. The Chinese Jui Tui Shrine hosts an annual Vegetarian Fest in October. The vegetarians should probably plan their visit around then.

Now let us draw a plan for you to spend your days in Phuket


I have designed the itinerary in such a way that at the beginning of your trip when you have the most energy, you can do the activities which could be most exhausting and then later you can visit calmer and quiet places.

Day 1:


The name of Thailand and Phuket gives us an ideal vision of lying stretched out and relaxed on the beaches with our best beachwear outfits sipping very aesthetically presented coconut water. Now add the white sand beach to that vision. Heaven right? That is what you will get in Phuket. The most famous beach is the Pa-Tong beach. You can pull up all-nighters at this beach as it has the most happening nightlife. Beer bars and night clubs you can enjoy everything here. Pa-Tong is also famous for water sports that can multiply your thrill.

Karon beach is another beach on Phuket Island to visit. Even though it is smaller than Pa tong, it can satisfy your beach craving completely.

Day 2:

Scuba diving! I will advise you to contact a nearby Diving Shop and book your dive with them. There’s an island away from the Pa Tong beach, where everyone goes for Scuba Diving.

Equipment for diving will be prepared by the diving shop you booked your tour with. You can even tell them where you are staying, and they will come to pick you up in their car early morning. It is a blissful experience to be underwater. Don’t miss it.

Now that you have got enough of the Vitamine- sea, let’s see what else Phuket has for you on the land.

Day 3: Temple:

One thing to keep in mind when you visit the temples here is that you’ve got to adhere to a particular dress code. Short clothes and tank tops are not allowed inside the temple. In case you aren’t dressed that way, there are shops close to the temple from where you can get full-length attire for yourself.

Phuket has a wide range of Hindu, Chinese and Buddhist temples.

a. The Wat Chalong Buddha temple, along with its magnificent architecture with the enormous Buddha statue provides a breathtaking view of the city.

b. Phuket Big Buddha is a landmark that is easily visible from a distance. The Buddha statue stands 45m tall and so massive, attracting a lot of tourists to this temple.

c. Wat Khao Rang is another old but beautiful temple which is one of the main religious sites for the local people of Phuket.

Day 4:

Museums & Theme parks:

Phuket has a trick eye museum that you can visit during the day. It allows tourists to have great fun clicking photos and enjoying with their family and friends. It is an excellent place if you are planning to visit Phuket with your kids.

To enjoy your last night at Phuket, visit the Phuket FantaSea Park, a cultural theme park that adds to the nightlife of the city. The theme park hosts entertainment all night long.

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