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Phi Phi Island, Thailand Travel Guide by Sahib Singh Sadana

This island in Thailand has a landscape that you imagine while reading novels. The island has white sand beaches and the water has a turquoise blue shade that takes you to a dreamy world. This place is nature’s best. It also entertains you well with the water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkelling it hosts.

Reasons to visit Phi Phi:

1. You will get the experience of the perfect life by the sea. Travelling using boats and ferries is pure joy to us, who have always grown up seeing busy roads.

2. You will get the finest experience of scuba diving or snorkelling because the sea has a diversity of species and corals that might not be easily found elsewhere.

3. Dense bamboo forests, fresh turquoise blue water, limestone monoliths that stand tall like monuments around, and of course the white sand beaches justify your travel plans to Phi Phi.

Packing guide:

1. Clothes: beachwear, comfortable after-beach clothes.

2. Accessories- hats, Sunglasses, umbrella, water bottle (it is important to stay hydrated- avoid single-use plastic ones-let us promote eco-tourism)

3. Footwear: Slip-on kinds would be the best choice

4. Toiletries: All your required toiletries. Be sure to include sunscreen lotion

5. Essential medications, if you take any

6. Camera

(The islands have a tropical climate until May and the monsoon winds from June to December, pack according to the time you plan your travel)

What will you unpack on your return from Phi Phi?

A new perspective towards life.

A whole load of crazy adventurous memories.

And the things above that you carried along of course.

How to get to Phi Phi?

By flight: The nearest airports are at Krabi, Phuket or Trang. From there you can take a boat to reach Phi Phi.

By ferry: You can take a boat to the Phi Phi island from Krabi, Phuket or Ko lanta. Speedboats, long-tail boats are available too.

By Road: Roads were destroyed during the tsunami in 2004. Now the roads are limited to pedestrian use only.

Places to visit within Phi Phi and from Phi Phi Island:

Travelling to places in and around Phi Phi can be done by

• Longtail boats

• Speed boats

• Boats that organize tours

Ko Phi Phi Leh - Maya Bay- Viking cave:

Ko Phi Phi Leh is approximately 7 km from Phi Phi island. It is smaller than Phi Phi yet very well-known worldwide. You could reach here by speedboats or long-tail boats.

Maya Bay is a spot that used to be rich in corals. People would do snorkelling here. This bay had an immense number of tourists which led to the death of corals and destruction of the environment. Therefore, visitors are temporarily closed. The closing was announced for a year but may extend. When you make your travel plan, you could visit here in case you are lucky and it's opened.

Viking cave: this cave forms at the bottom of a huge limestone rock. There are a lot of paintings on boats and sailing on the walls of this cave. It is said that these paintings were done by sailors when they took shelter here during storms.

Bamboo Island:

This island has white sand completely and the central part has bamboo trees owing to where this little island gets its name from. A variety of species of coral reefs are seen from a little distance off the shore. Most people do snorkelling here. From Phi Phi trips are organised to this island.

Phi Phi viewpoint:

The Island has an H shape. It has a central strip of land that connects two major portions of the island. The scenic picture is visible at this viewpoint. This view describes nature's art in the best way.

Scuba Diving:

The Phi Phi islands are most renounced for scuba diving. Many international divers come here to have their best experience with the view of wide-ranging corals and sea species. There are several sites in the islands where diving could be done:

1. Hin Pae: a shallow diving site

2. King Cruiser wreck

3. Shark point

4. Garang Heng

5. Hin Dot

6. Malong Bay

7. Palong Bay

8. Chong Lu

To watch my Vlog: Scuba Diving in Phi Phi Island Click Here.

Captain Bob’s Booze cruise:

The party beasts, you can have your booze cruise here and go around the island simultaneously too. The cruise crosses the Maya Bay, Loh Samah, Monkey beach, Wang Long Cove. The other activities that the cruise organises are snorkelling, kayaking, and fishing. The fees to this cruise include the dining cost too.

Phi Phi island is beautiful with the limestone monoliths that emerge from the sea, the sandy bays and definitely contains the best views of the sea. Pack in your adventure skills as you will have the best experience of your life here.

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