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A place beyond Heaven : Shangarh

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It was really random. I never knew I would find this place. Someone told me about this place 3 years ago. I started my journey from Delhi. I hopped into a bus going towards Manali and spent 2 days there. During my stay in Manali, a local mentioned Shangarh in a conversation.

I was familiar with the name Shangarh but never knew how it looked as I never searched about it online ( I know strange ! ) but the way he described this remote village made my every body part wanted to go there, so I decided to extend my stay and visit Shangarh.

The next morning I took a bus to Aut. There are plenty of buses (government and private) which goes from Aut Bus stand to Tirthan, Jibhi and Sainj Valley. The locals are really friendly so they will be happy to help you if you get confused between buses.

I don't have words to describe how beautiful the view was from my window seat. The ride was really bumpy as there was no proper road to reach Shangarh.

When I reached there nothing seemed real, this place was even more beautiful than I imagined. I was rubbing my eyes but nothing was changing neither did I wake up from my dream. It was all real, places like these exist, that guy who told me about this heavenly place 3 years ago was right.

The wind was talking to me, the birds were dancing and the trees were talking in a strange language of happiness. It felt like heaven.

Until a few years ago, the nearest school in Shangarh was 11kms away. Talking to the locals and understanding how their children learnt things before they could go to school was an eye-opener.

Shangarh was an experience!

You cannot learn everything from books, Experience plays an important role in your life.

Travel is truly an education. It is the best of both worlds. On one hand, it educates you by making you experience things you've never experienced before and on the other hand, you get to discover new places, cultures, food and landmarks.

When you travel you learn so much. Travelling opens up your mind and heart, it helps you become a better person. Travelling made me a different person, I have started valuing everything in my life. I've also learnt to be happy in difficult situations.

I always say "not everything is taught at school and not everything can be learnt at school." Experience plays an important role and travel for me is the best kind of experience there is.

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