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7 tips to capture amazing travel photos

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A lot of people say that for taking amazing travel photos Camera Gear does not matter, believe me, they are absolutely correct. For many years I just relied upon my phone's camera. I think that is why they say " the best camera is the one you have in your pocket". I am not at all referring that having a good camera sucks but all I am saying, for the most part, your phone camera will do just fine. So let's begin with the tips: 1. Explore the different angles.

Try to find unique spots in a particular location. We have all seen many pictures of Pyramids but when someone captures it from a unique angle it immediately catches the attention of the eyes. All I am saying is there can be more than one way of taking a photo. Tilt that camera, bend down or do something unique with the camera. There is nothing wrong with being crazy while taking photos. 2. Location plays a very important role.

If you are at a great location, 90% of your work is already done now all you have to do is, take out the camera and press that shutter button. Sometimes you don't have to do a lot of things to click a great photo. Location plays a very important role in making or breaking a photo. Just make sure you don't forget your camera at home before visiting the location. Bonus Tip: Make sure you check charging and SD Card before you leave your house. If possible carry extra batteries and SD Cards. 3. Focus is the key.

No one likes an image which is blurry or out of focus. Focus plays a very important part in drawing attention towards the subject and it can be used to stylise an image as well. Focus can help in conveying the story better by keeping the attention of the viewers on the main subject. Make sure you practice with your camera a lot. Focus is something which can be perfected only with practice and time. Understanding various focus modes and knowing when to use which mode is really important. 4. More is less.

Oh ! I am not talking about food, I am talking about shooting more than what you need. It is really important to click more than one picture at a particular location as there can be many things which can be wrong with an image. For example you could have missed the focus or forgot to change the settings before taking a picture at a different location etc. So it is really important to click more than what you need and check if everything looks good in the image.

5. Framing and Composition

Make sure the subject is correctly framed, I am not going to talk about the various rules of photography like the rule of thirds etc. because even I don't follow them a lot of time. In photography, rules act as guiding principals which can help you to achieve the desired result but they are not rigid. It is really important to analyse your location and surrounding. You can use them to your advantage and can compose a great picture. Take your time and frame your subject properly.

6. Timing is very important.

Make sure you know the shortcuts to open your camera app and for others, it is really important to understand your camera gear because timing plays a very important role. If you start timing it perfectly you can make your image 100 times better. A well-timed image has a unique charm to it which cannot be explained in words but I am sure you understand the importance of it. Bonus Tip: For the phone camera users, make sure you know how to use burst mode in your camera app it can help you in capturing motion easily and for DSLR users you if you don't understand the settings yet then you can simply keep it on shutter priority mode. 7. Research about your location.

I think we all have access to fast and affordable internet so before visiting a location make sure you read about the location. A simple google search can provide you with a lot of cool and creative ways of taking photos at a particular location. If you are on Instagram, always search the hashtags and location before actually visiting the place. You can easily save the images for future reference. Take ideas from others and get inspired to take amazing photos. I always love seeing creative photos don't forget to tag me on Instagram.

Other than that have fun while travelling, if you love taking photos then take millions of photos and create memories but make sure to enjoy the journey as well because the journey is equally important.

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2 comentários

Membro desconhecido
06 de jan. de 2020

My main camera is : Sony A7iii, other than that I use GoPro and Canon EOS 60D.


28 de dez. de 2019

Paji which camera u use rgt nw?

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